Achieving your Outcomes – Your Options

The 4 SDS Options

Once you have agreed your personal outcomes you have 4 options to choose from about how you would like your care and support to be arranged for you.  Your Assessor will tell you about each option as part of your assessment and will discuss what each option would mean for you.  If you require further information they will refer you to SDS options Fife who are there to provide you with information about self directed support and to guide you through the 4 options below.  You can also listen to this information on the digital animation on this website.

Option 1 -  A Direct Payment

If you opt for a direct payment to manage your care and support, you will receive an individual budget from Fife Council.  This must go in a separate bank account.  You can manage your budget independently or with the support of an accountant of your choice.   You can, either on your own or with help, employ your own support staff (personal assistant/s) or employ the services of a care organisation.  Your personal assistant/s or care organisation will help you to meet your agreed outcomes, as identified in your support plan.

Option 2 - An Individual Service Fund 

If you want to direct your own support but do not want to manage the budget, you can choose ask your care provider or Fife Council to do this for you.  You decide what care and support will work best for you in meeting your outcomes and they will arrange your support and pay for it on your behalf.

Option 3 - The Local Authority

You can ask the local authority to arrange your support for you.  You can select a care organisation to provide your support or your assessor or other staff in Fife Health and Social Care Partnership can select one for you and make all the necessary arrangements for you.

Option 4 - A Mix of Options 1, 2 and 3 

You can choose a mix of options 1, 2 and/or 3 for different types of support. This option allows you to have different levels of control over various aspects of your support.

Reviewing your Support Plan

You and your Assessor or Reviewing Officer (with any relevant person you choose) will regularly review your Support Plan to check if it is working and that you are achieving your agreed personal outcomes.

Reviewing your Support Plan means taking time to look at how things are working, checking if your outcomes are still the same and if the support arrangements are helping to meet them.   Once the review is completed, your Support Plan will be updated with any required changes.

The review date will be agreed in your Support Plan, or arranged in response to changes in your circumstances.