Assessment and Support Planning

Your Assessment

If you are referred for an assessment, you will be closely involved with your allocated Assessor. They will work with you to complete your assessment and discuss what would help you live more independently and what your personal outcomes or goals are.

You can choose someone to help you during your assessment.  This could be a family member or carer or someone from a support organisation.

If you have a Guardian or Power of Attorney arrangement, your Assessor will work with you and your Guardian or Power of Attorney to help you to make the right choices and decisions for your support.

What is a personal outcome?

An outcome is the end result of something you want to achieve for yourself. For example your outcome might be to be more independent. Everyone is different so being ‘more independent’ will mean different things to different people. The help they will need to be ‘more independent’ will also be unique to each person.

Outcomes are about thinking about the goals you would like to set for yourself, building on your strengths and exploring a range of resources to help you achieve them.  This will include the help your friends, family and your local community can give you.

When you are deciding what your outcomes could be you can think about:

Your Support Plan?

After you have discussed your outcomes and how they will be achieved, these will be included in your Support Plan.

Your Support Plan will include lots of information about you including what is important to you, what your personal outcomes are, who is going to help and support you, what arrangements will be made if things go wrong as well as a breakdown of any cost.